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propagating perennials: Sagina subulata-Irish Moss, Pearlwort
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Friday, June 13, 2008

Sagina subulata-Irish Moss, Pearlwort

Irish moss is easily propagated by digging up a clump out of an established patch in the spring, then planting it in a bare section of moist soil and the spores will fill in the hole by the end of the season and remain evergreen all winter, however do not plant it close to grass because it is almost impossible to try to remove the grass from the moss. Its white blooms are profuse in late spring to early summer and the plant will tolerate light foot traffic and will survive in a pH range of 5.6-7.5 and takes full sun to partial shade, but dislikes dry soil and even though it might brown in summer it will green up with fall rains and reaches a height of 6".

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