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propagating perennials: Anthemis tinctoria-Golden Marguerite or Dyer’s Chamomile
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Friday, June 6, 2008

Anthemis tinctoria-Golden Marguerite or Dyer’s Chamomile

Golden Marguerite should be propagated by division every two years, that will revitalize and keep it blooming at its peak, because it is a plant that needs at least 6 hours of sun, otherwise it becomes leggy and will flop over especially in very rich soil. It is drought tolerant and deer resistant and aggressively re-seeds itself if not deadheaded which will prolong the blooms throughout the summer starting in June. Its blooms are similar to a daisy and comes in white or yellow and grows 2-3 feet tall in a well drained but not overly rich soil. It is noted for its fine silvery/green fragrant foliage texture and when rubbed onto the skin it will relieve the sting from insect bites. Since its clumps are profuse rhizomes propagating by division can be done either in the spring or fall.

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