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propagating perennials: Houttuynia-Chameleon Plant
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Friday, June 27, 2008

Houttuynia-Chameleon Plant

The chameleon plant is easily propagated by digging up the rhizomes that spread off the parent plant, but be aware it is very invasive and will show up in the most unexpected places. Planted in full sun the leaves are yellow, green, pale green, grey, cream and scarlet, but in shade they become green and cream and they have insignificant white flowers in July-August. They like a moist soil and do well in clay. In the Carolinas it is evergreen but deciduous in colder zones. Just be careful where you plant it because I know firsthand it will take over a garden bed in a flash and it grows up to 12" in height and has an off odor close up so I doubt the deer will come close.

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