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propagating perennials: Adenophora-Ladybells
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Thursday, June 5, 2008


Propagating Ladybells by division is difficult because the plant has long fleshy roots so it is suggested to increase the plants in ones garden bed it’s best to plant from seed, or take basal cuttings in late spring, but if trying division it should be attempted in the fall digging a hole deep enough so that roots can be laid out and not crammed in. They are in the same family as the bellflower, campanula, and are preferred over them in Southern gardens and grow up to 24" and flower mid to late summer, in full sun to partial shade, however they need a well drained moist soil amended with compost or manure. They are self seeding and sometimes can be construed as invasive so to prevent re-seeding deadheading will extend the bluish blooms in mid summer but after blooming a second time it is recommended to cut the plant back to the base and they make a wonderful fragrant fresh flower bouquet.

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