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propagating perennials: Lysimachia(ly-si-MAK-ee-uh)nummularia “Aurea”-Creeping jenny, Moneywort
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lysimachia(ly-si-MAK-ee-uh)nummularia “Aurea”-Creeping jenny, Moneywort

Creeping jenny is easily propagated because it spreads by rhizomes and can become invasive if allowed to spread unchecked and reaches a height of 2" and can be propagated either in the spring or autumn. This plant is also used in aquariums so it should not be planted near ponds, if not intended, and does not like dry soils. It thrives in sun or shade, but just make certain if planted in full sun that the soil is in a fertile well drained and moist. It flowers in late spring to mid summer with yellow blooms and this cultivar has bright yellow leaves so it could stand out in a shade garden, is a member of the primula family, and is deciduous.

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