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propagating perennials: Lamium-Deadnettle, Snowflake
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lamium-Deadnettle, Snowflake

Lamium can be propagated, depending on soil conditions, either by crown division because the plant forms mounds, or by trailing stems, rhizomes, that may have rooted as they crawl outward along the soil. It got its nickname because the plant’s leaves look similar to Stinging nettle( Urica dioica), but they do not sting, hence deadnettle. Bees are attracted to its flowers, so it sometimes is called Bee Nettle, and some people use the leaves in salads and more power to them. Flower varieties are either purple, pink, white and the plant reaches a height of 12" and is classified as a semi-evergreen goundcover which blooms from May to October and some varieties have variegated leaves which makes them an attractive addition to any garden bed. Lamium prefers partial to full shade and needs a moist and well drained composted soil, neutral ph, and is finicky so it will not tolerate any other conditions or it goes on strike.

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