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propagating perennials: Oxalis-Wood sorrel, Shamrock
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oxalis-Wood sorrel, Shamrock

Oxalis, depending on the cultivar can be propagated either by transplanting the rhizomes that root in the soil, in the spring or fall or by separating the bulbils from the parent plant in the spring, the most common procedure. Rhizomous plants are the easiest perennials to propagate and can be the most invasive perennials given the right conditions. Oxalis flowers from June until October and is deciduous and blooms range from pink, lavender, white, and yellow and it reaches a height of 6"-12". It is rumored to be the preferred habit of garden gnomes. It prefers part shade and will accept both dry or moist soil, preferring sandy or loamy conditions, alkaline soil that is well drained and is deciduous.

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