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propagating perennials: Papaver orientale-Oriental poppy
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Papaver orientale-Oriental poppy

Propagating Oriental poppy should be done in the fall when it starts to grow again after dying back in the spring after blooming by digging up the plant and dividing the roots and pips, however the plant takes two years after dividing/transplanting to re-bloom. This plant is deer resistant and has a tendency to flop over from the weight of its blooms, if planted in above average fertile soils, so it should be placed amongst other plants in the garden bed to keep it propped up and also to hide its early yellowing leaves even though the plant only reaches 18" in height in full sun. Oriental poppy is not tolerant of humidity and does well in average well drained soil conditions. It blooms in the spring, depending on the zone, with colors ranging from orange, red, white, pink to purple.

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