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propagating perennials: Aubrieta deltoidea-Aubrieta, False rockcress
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Aubrieta deltoidea-Aubrieta, False rockcress

Aubrieta or False rockcress can be propagated either after flowering and if it is too hot wait until the fall and its done by lifting the plant out of the ground and dividing the roots. Aubrieta grows between 2"-6" and will bloom late spring or early summer in light shade or full sun, but needs light draining soil and in hotter zones it is more biennial then perennial. Aubrieta is especially useful in rock gardens or for draping over walls and the various colors range from white, dark blue, purple, violet and pink, sometimes planted in place of creeping phlox, and it takes an average pH but will winterkill in heavy soil, however deer dislike the plant and is evergreen.

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