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propagating perennials: Cuphea micropetala-Tall Cigar Plant, Candy Corn Plant
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cuphea micropetala-Tall Cigar Plant, Candy Corn Plant

Cuphea micropetala can be propagated either by root division or by transplanting the rooted rhizomes. Cuphea is an unusual plant, as is a relative which is aptly named either Tiny Mice or Bat Faced, and they are only hardy in frost free zones, it grows freely in Mexico along stream beds, but it is one plant hummingbirds soak up, it is actually a magnet for them. They grow to a height of 3-4' and will bloom with as little a 5 hours of sun a day, but protected from the mid day sun and is evergreen in Zones 9 & 10, but dies down to the ground in Zone 8. Until the plant becomes established it needs a moist well drained soil, but later it will withstand some drought conditions. It blooms in late spring to autumn, depending on the zone and you can see by the picture it blooms in candy corn colors, its relative Cuphea lluvea is violet, purple and red, and both need monthly fertilizer applications. If you enjoy hummingbirds this is your plant. Aphids and white flies love this plant as well, but it is worthwhile starting from seed every year.

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