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propagating perennials: Mum-Chrysanthemum
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Propagating Chrysanthemum should be attempted in the spring by dividing and separating the clump, although there may be individual sprouts that shoot up from the parent plant. Cuttings can be made in June, before pinching back. You should always pinch the stems of Mums back starting in April and do it every month but not after July 4th. Pinching the plant back makes them bushier and also slows the bud formation, don’t want them blooming in July. Also start adding phosphorus to the soil in June to develop the bloom. As most know Mums come in many colors besides different varieties such as football, spider, Fiji, doubles, and dwarfs. Mums are deciduous and deer resistant and prefer full sun in a well draining soil and mulch heavily in colder zones and remove in spring.

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