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propagating perennials: Helenium-Helen’s Flower, Sneezewood
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Monday, September 8, 2008

Helenium-Helen’s Flower, Sneezewood

Propagating Helenium or Sneezwood should only be done in the spring because the plants will not be healthy enough to survive the winter if done in the fall, by digging up the rhizome that have grown out from the parent plant, however the parent plant should be discarded after the second growing season, because it will deteriorate fast. Colors are either yellow or red and bloom from July until frost and is deciduous and deer resistant, however butterflies love its nectar. Helenium reaches a height of 30" and prefers sun to light shade in a moist well draining soil and will tolerate clay. Deadheading extends the bloom period and in the spring snipping back the new growth tips will give the plant a bushier appearance.

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