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propagating perennials: Geum
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Friday, September 5, 2008


Propagating Geum is simple because it spreads by rhizomes, so digging up the off-shoots and replanting where you want to spice up some color in the garden bed in either spring or fall, but they also self seed, but dividing the plants every three to four years is a necessity to increase blooms. Colors come in yellow, red, and orange or a mixture of two colors and will bloom from late spring until fall on plants that grow up to 36" in height, but deadheading spent blooms, will flower for up to four weeks, will prolong the color. In warmer zones it is evergreen, colder semi or deciduous. The plant tends to deteriorate in hot dry summers so instead of planting in full sun in warmer zones, instead plant in partial shade in well draining soil, but dislikes wet feet in winter. Geum is deer resistant.

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