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propagating perennials: Linaria-Toadflax, Spurred snapdragon, Butter and Eggs
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Linaria-Toadflax, Spurred snapdragon, Butter and Eggs

Linaria or Butter and Eggs or Toadflax can be propagated in the spring either by dividing the clump or by digging up the stolons, but make certain the transplants have plenty of roots before re-planting or repot and wait for them to establish a good root system. It is also a prolific self seeder, sometimes invasive so be careful where you plant it. It’s blooms are similar to snapdragons, it is semi-evergreen in warmer zones, it prefers a cool climate for bloom, and heights can vary depending upon variety from 1'-3', the taller ones will need staking because of weak stems. Colors generally are two tone ranging from white, blue, pink, yellow, and red and prefers a dry sunny well draining soil. It will bloom from July through September, is deer resistant and the plant attracts honeybees, hummingbirds and butterflies.


Defining Your Home said...

Well, it took me a long time to fine the POST A COMMENT link on your blog!'s invisible until I hover over it. Anyway, I enjoy your blog and still have it linked from mine. Cameron

bullthistle said...

Thanks your's is still linked as well but I am not as adept as you.

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