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propagating perennials: Heliopsis-False Sunflower, Heliopsis
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Heliopsis-False Sunflower, Heliopsis

Propagating Heliopsis or False Sunflower is accomplished in the spring by digging up and then dividing the clump. Heliopsis is in the Aster family and there are single as well as double versions of the bright yellow blooms. Butterflies are drawn to their nectar and they are deer resistant. Heliopsis grows naturally in prairies across much of the Eastern USA because it prefers a moist well draining soil in full sun and may need staking in windy or partially sunny locations because it reaches a height of 4'-6', blooms from June to August, is deciduous, and birds enjoy the seeds in winter, if the plant is not deadheaded for more blooms.

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