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propagating perennials: Gaura-Whirling Butterflies, Wild Honeysuckle
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gaura-Whirling Butterflies, Wild Honeysuckle

Another plant that dislikes transplanting is Gaura or Whirling Butterflies or Wild Honeysuckle because of their deep tap roots but propagating by division is done either in the spring or fall, that’s where a sharp shooter as your digging shovel comes into play, however since it is a good self sower that may be the best way to add this free bloomer to your garden bed because it will bloom from April until frost in either pick or white. The plant will thrive in high humidity areas and can withstand drought conditions and prefers a mostly sunny well draining location. It is best to cut back the plant in the spring in its second year to obtain a fuller plant and it is deciduous which butterflies enjoy and there are differences of opinions on whether it is deer resistant, I guess depending how much food is available in the immediate area.

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