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propagating perennials: Miscanthus-Maiden Grass
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Miscanthus-Maiden Grass

Propagating Miscanthus or Maiden Grass should be done in the spring by digging up the rhizomes that grow out from the parent clump. What is interesting about Maiden grass is that it is being researched as biofuel that produces 2 ½ times more fuel per acre, because it stays greener longer, then corn and it accumulates more carbon from the atmosphere then soybeans. However because planting acres with rhizomes, it is sterile, is an intensive process, in Europe they were able to hand plant 13 acres in a day but have manufactured machinery that will do 50 acres in a day. This plant could be one big solution to answering the alternative energy problem since they are a perennial, not annual like corn. It grows up to 6' in height, is deciduous, blooms in late fall with white flowers that birds love, but deer do not. It will thrive in either a sandy or clay soil as long as there is moisture in full sun and has winter interest in snow zones because the leaves turn brown and should be cut back in early spring to 10" above soil level before new shoots surface.

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