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propagating perennials: Oenothera-Mexican Evening Primrose
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oenothera-Mexican Evening Primrose

Propagating Oenothera or Mexican Evening Primrose can be divided in the spring or by replanting the rhizomes that spread out from the parent, like strawberries. Mexican Evening Primrose will thrive in full sun in a well drained poor soil, clay or sand, it can withstand drought and is best used on slopes because it can be an aggressive grower, I’ve read that Roundup will not kill it, and reaches a height of 6"-12". It blooms from June through October and is deciduous and the blooms are white or pink that have a sweet fragrance and are deer resistant. I’ve read that the plant in mid summer will look like it is dying so cut back the plant to induce new growth.

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