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propagating perennials: Hyacinthoides nonscripta-Bluebell
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Hyacinthoides nonscripta-Bluebell

Propagating Hyacinthoides nonscripta or Bluebell involves digging up the bulbs in summer after the leaves go dormant, stake the area so you know where they are planted, hopefully deep, it is deciduous, and separating the bulbets from the parent and replant every 3-4 years, with bone meal. Bluebell prefers semi-shade but will do well in full sun in a slightly acidic soil, rich in leaf mold but will also do well in heavy clay. Flowers from early to late spring and the color ranges from blue to blue/purple depending on the source, it reaches a height of 12-15" and is deer resistant.

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