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propagating perennials: Erigeron-Fleabane, Dainty Daisy
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Erigeron-Fleabane, Dainty Daisy

Propagating Erigeron or Fleabane is done in the spring by digging up the clump and dividing the roots carefully. There is not a consensus on soil conditions but it does well in full sun in a pH range of 7.0, but I’ve read it likes it wet in a well draining soil, then I read it does well in drought, but don’t allow it to dry out. I also read it will take shade, but don’t believe it. The blooms reminds one of asters, it’s in the family, and blooms mid June to mid July in a range of colors of pink, purple, white and orange and height could vary depending on variety up to 2'. In warmer climates its evergreen in colder zones it is deciduous. Some say it attracts butterflies and honeybees and others say not, but deer don’t like fleabane. In my research this is one perennial that has had contradictory
opinions, but considering it is an aster I’ll follow aster’s conditions. If left unattended it could become invasive.

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