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propagating perennials: Anchusa-Italian Bugloss
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Anchusa-Italian Bugloss

Propagating Anchusa or Bugloss can be done in the spring however be careful, their roots are tender and will break if you dig too closely to the plant and make certain you dig a deep hole and amend it when transplanting and slowly pack the soil around the roots and water well. Once established Bugloss will take drought conditions and will take full sun but in hotter climates afternoon shade is welcomed. Since bugloss grows to a height of 3'-5' it needs to be planted in a protected area away from wind otherwise stake the plant. Its blossom’s are blue and it will flower all summer if deadheaded. Honeybees enjoy the nectar and deer do not tolerate the plant and it is deciduous.

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