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propagating perennials: Gerbera hybrida-Gerber daisy, African daisy
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gerbera hybrida-Gerber daisy, African daisy

Gerbera hybrida or Gerber daisy can be easily propagated by dividing the roots, after digging up the plant in the spring, carefully making sure there are roots attached to the stem that is removed. Depending on the zone and the harsh winters it is listed as a perennial in Zone 8 and up, however in Charlotte, NC, I was surprised when one spring new growth appeared, but that was the only time. Normally they are planted in pots and taken in the house for overwintering put in a sunny windowsill. They prefer only 6 hours of morning sunlight, they need to be protected from the afternoon sun or will burn. Often labeled as G. jamesonii today’s popular cultivar is actually a cross between jamesonii and G. viridfolia, and actually named after a German naturalist Traugott Gerber and is in the sunflower family. Gerber daisy prefers a sandy well draining soil and are prone to root rot if overwatered however misting the plants regularly will keep away the red spider mites. It seems that attractive plants have down sides. They flower all summer long in pastel colors, of orange, pink, yellow, red, white and are deer resistant. Fertilize regularly with p-k to insure bloom.

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