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propagating perennials: Echinops-Globe Thistle
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Echinops-Globe Thistle

Propagating Echinops or Globe Thistle can be done either in the spring or fall, besides being an excellent self seeder, deadhead if you don’t want babies sprouting up, as with most thistles, and it is one plant you’ll need to wear protection when digging up and separating the roots. The plant should be located towards the back of the garden bed since heights can reach 3'-6' and because the bottom leaves deteriorate throughout the season. Globe Thistle requires an acidic sandy soil in full sun, drought resistant, and no deer want to nibble on their leaves. It blooms through most of the summer in either white or blue and the plant attracts butterflies and the spikes are great for flower arrangements, fresh or dry. It is semi-evergreen.

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