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propagating perennials: Viola tricolor-Johnny Jump Up, Banewort, Wild Pansy
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Viola tricolor-Johnny Jump Up, Banewort, Wild Pansy

Johnny Jump Ups are easily propagated because it is a self seeding, self fertile, creeping annual or perennial in warmer zones, when planted in a rich composted well drained soil. There is no work involved to keep this plant coming back, year after year once planted. They drop their seeds in the fall in a shaded environment and they will bloom all season especially when deadheaded. They have colorful blooms which vary from white, yellow, blue, maroon, orange, bronze and purple and grow to a height of 9", but in the south they become dormant in the heat but perk back when it becomes cooler. Use under shade trees where grass will not grow. Generally deer do not nibble.

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