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propagating perennials: Coronilla varia-Crown Vetch
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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Coronilla varia-Crown Vetch

Propagating Crown Vetch is simple because it grows by underground rhizomes and should be transplanted in the spring, however be forewarned, Crown Vetch is an invasive species so do not plant near a garden. Crown Vetch is the one plant that can be utilized to stabilize slopes to control erosion because it will take full sun and poor soil and its roots grow deep into the subsoil and normally planting is done by seeding an area without soil preparation. It is a hard plant to destroy. It blooms all summer to fall either white, pink or purple and grows to a height of 3'-5'. It is a legume so the plant affixes nitrogen from the air. Crown Vetch is deciduous and deer enjoy munching it.

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