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propagating perennials: Heuchera-Coral Bells, Alumroot
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Heuchera-Coral Bells, Alumroot

Propagating Coral Bells is done in the fall by digging up the plant and dividing the roots into how many plants are possible. Coral Bells prefers semi to full sun because shade will reduce the blooms and they come in white, pink or red colors and various variegated leaf varieties. They prefer an alkaline soil with good drainage, clay is a problem, and are often tolerant of drought. They are evergreen and although deer generally shy away from them they are a calling card for hummingbirds and butterflies but have a tendency to frost heave in northern climates, because they are shallow rooted and flower from late spring but deadheading will prolong their blooms through the summer and range from 1-3' in height.

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