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propagating perennials: Celebrate July 4th, the USA’s Independence Day
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Friday, July 4, 2008

Celebrate July 4th, the USA’s Independence Day

Let’s give thanks to those serving the USA in foreign lands that help keep us free from the tyranny that strikes people in less fortunate countries where democracy is only a dream, even though some in the USA complain about gas, food, or whatever irks their fancy. Just imagine if the whiners lived in a Third World country where complaints might bring prison or death, i.e. China. We live in a land where some tell us that our lives are no better today compared to 20 years ago, but imagine if we did not have the Armed Forces that we have, what life could have been like without our freedoms. It is up to the individual to improve their life not a government’s grand scheme to hand out taxpayer “gifts” to the whiners and /or law breakers, or why do we have men and women who at a moments notice are ready to protect our freedoms by giving up their lives. That’s what makes the USA so great. What other country would do it? Trying to help others into achieving the dream of independence, something that seems elusive, which does not happen overnight and it costs some more then they could imagine when they brought their child onto earth. Hooray for the USA!

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