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propagating perennials: Saxafraga-Strawberry Geranium, Cobweb Saxifrage, Rockfoil
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Saxafraga-Strawberry Geranium, Cobweb Saxifrage, Rockfoil

Propagating Saxafraga depends upon the variety either by division in the spring by lifting them out of the ground and separating the roots or by cutting the stolon which has rooted, and in milder climates Saxafraga are evergreen and are not hardy in Zone 4 or below, but generally are a cool climate perennial that prefers a loose sandy acidic well draining , but moist soil, not facing south, preferably in the shade and after flowering it is suggested to top dress with leaf mold and sand and they do not mind being stuffed into stone walls or rock crevices. Colors vary from purple, pink, white, yellow and reach a height varying from 4-30".

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