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propagating perennials: Hollyhock
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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Hollyhocks are easily propagated by self-seeding, much like Columbine which is also a biennial and the best time to move the seedlings is in the spring, that is of course if you have a good soil medium in your garden bed for seeds to germinate on their own. However Hollyhocks will re-bloom if you deadhead the original however forget seedlings the following spring. Hollyhocks are deciduous and grow as tall as 5-8' and rarely need staking unless grown in a windy location. It is one of the few plants that is tolerant of Black Walnut toxins and the hummingbirds and butterflies feed off of their nectar. Hollyhocks bloom throughout the summer and up until frost and the colors range from yellow, red, purple, pink, and white and prefer a rich well drained sandy soil in full sun but will take some shade but do not like wet feet, because rust can be a problem in high humidity areas.

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