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propagating perennials: Variegated Liriope
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Variegated Liriope

Next up is propagating variegated Liriope, sometimes called Lilyturf or Monkey Grass, which expands by runners which can take over landscape garden beds if one is not aggressive in containing its spread, commonly grown in the South or temperate climates. It is an evergreen, but must be cut back in the spring, to promote growth and to deter the previous years growth from remaining because the dead leaves detract from the mass of color. If possible using a lawn mover makes the project go much faster. Propagating by division is done by breaking the clumps into 2-3 pips, cutting back the roots and top growth. It flowers in late summer on spikes, which are basically an inconspicuous blue in color then black fruit appears in the fall. It is best planted for a border and allowed to spread. It takes drought conditions well and does not need full sun, but fertilizing annually helps sustain the vibrant multicolored leaves in a landscape garden bed.

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