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propagating perennials: Beared Iris
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Beared Iris

Bearded Iris, whether tall, medium, or dwarf propagation by division takes a bit more care, because the top of the corm must be above the top of the soil when re-planted in a container. As you can see by the photo Iris tends to bunch together during it growing period so dividing it can be tough so be certain that your pot has at least one green leaf shoot. Since Iris generally is the first perennial to bloom in spring you should have many plants spotted throughout the landscape garden and hope it doesn’t rain that often, because it messes with the blooms. The color range of Bearded Iris almost encompasses the full spectrum, but to me black is the standout. Some colors may, because of hybridizing, not take to division as well as some, but do not lose patience. Watering and bone meal are the two most important factors in propagating perennials successfully for the landscape garden bed.

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