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propagating perennials: Propagating medium
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Friday, November 16, 2007

Propagating medium

The mix I use for propagating perennials is silt and cow manure. I have a creek that passes through my property and it leaves silt deposited inside the bends. Silt comes from rain running over soil and washes the top layer soil towards watersheds. Silt is know as “rock flour” or “stone dust.” It is smaller than sand, larger then clay. You can purchase bags of play sand and cow manure from the local big box, but experiment with manure. Most are a mix of manure and compost, but the percentage of compost varies. Manure is a known farm fertilizer but what is purchased in 40 pound bags is normally sterilized and weed free. Use one bag of manure to ½ bag of play sand. Depending on the heat and sunshine watering every 4 days is a must, especially in summer, but less in winter. Greenhouses use a mix of peat moss and pearlite, but those plants are grown in a controlled environment and peat moss has a tendency to dry fast, so don’t use it. Goog horticulture practices leads to results.

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