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Friday, November 23, 2007

Off Topic.

Since most homeowners do not have a sprinkler system, watering especially in the summer when there is a drought, chances are great some plants will die, depending upon the extent of your landscape garden, no matter how good you mulch. Especially evergreens. What I did two springs ago was to go to purchase one gallon azaleas at a big box store and repotted them into a three gallon containers. I pinched back the flower buds so the growth would go into the plant, not into flowering and two growing seasons later I have a mature plant that sell for five times as much in garden centers. I plant the mature azalea, and since the roots have grown they have a better opportunity to absorb moisture and a greater chance to survive in a drought. Besides if you raise plant material you will focus on watering your “babies” in a controlled setting when some parts of your landscaping might suffer.

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