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propagating perennials: The beginning
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Monday, November 12, 2007

The beginning

Propagating perennials by division for anyone is simple. Three things one must remember, one is to water, two is to cut back both the vegetation, and roots when potting new plants, and three, always use bone meal because it promotes root growth. Horticulture by necessity needs water. Depending on what plant zone you live in the best time to divide plants is in the fall. Don’t forget to water. In fall home gardeners are usually cleaning/straightening up their landscape garden beds and getting ready for winter and/or planting bulbs for spring color. Daylily, Beared Iris, Liriope(Monkey Grass), and Hosta are all plants that can be divided to expand the landscape garden around one’s home.

Mixing perennials in amongst woody plants usually gives the landscape design color for nine months of the year and generally hides the unsightly soil if one doesn’t use mulch. Usually by the following fall plants that were divided can be planted in the landscape garden bed for a burst of color the following spring and summer.

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