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propagating perennials: Spring bulbs.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Spring bulbs.

Next up is spring bulbs for the landscape garden bed. In my yard Grape Hyacinths spread like weeds. Look in the photo of the Bearded Iris that I propagated. Deep in the soil of the clump I dug up lay Grape Hyacinth bulbs. The best way to figure out where your bulbs are that you want to transplant or divide in the fall is to flag the group, but Grape Hyacinths unlike most bulbs, sprout their leaves in the fall. The flags can be purchased at Home Depot. Usually in spring and summer one doesn’t notice the flags because the gardens are in full bloom, and yet they seem to pop up come fall. Just make certain when you start digging that you give yourself enough room, because sliced bulbs don’t appreciate being cut in half. Careful horticultural practices reap rewards.

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