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Thursday, May 1, 2008


My homepage is Yahoo and every once in a while they have an interesting article that never hits the news stations and why I e-mails my Senators and had forgotten about “Crimson Sky” until I received a phone call from Washington, Richard Burr’s office, who called to thank me for contacting his office, even though North Carolina is one of the states looking to house the facility which is the only one in the USA to research the contagious foot-and-mouth disease, remember England an all the cows & pigs it destroyed and the people who contacted the brain wasting disease? Kansas wants to locate the facility in their state, jobs, right now the facility sits in Long Island Sound, off of Long Island, Plum Island or Orient, NY, and was transferred to Homeland Security’s control after 9/11, and we know how inept that department is in barring illegal immigrants from roaming the USA untouched, like they own the country. A friend was in England in 2001 and rode a bus that had to pass through a trough in the road filled with a solution that decontaminated the tires to prevent the foot and mouth from spreading. The White House says the Plum Island facility is antiquated and needs new buildings but if you look at the size of the island and the empty spaces, the farmland, via Google Earth why can’t another facility be built there instead on the mainland? I have included a blog that will give you more information and if you feel the facility should remain on Plum Island, e-mail your Senators and express your concerns, because will affect everyone in the USA.

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