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propagating perennials: Dicentra spectabilis-bleeding heart, Venus’s car, lyre flower
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Friday, May 16, 2008

Dicentra spectabilis-bleeding heart, Venus’s car, lyre flower

Bleeding heart can be best propagated by division in the spring because it is a perennial that when it stops flowering in April/May the leaves/plant go dormant, dies back, so unless you flag the plant you may not be able to locate it in the fall to divide. Bleeding hearts grow up to 3 feet and prefer partial shade. When you divide bleeding heart make certain you wear gloves and a long sleeved shirt because the plant is toxic, no deer, which can cause irritation to your skin. The most common color is rose pink but there is a white variety and a fuchsia introduced in the U.K. 10 years ago. For bleeding heart to be successful, it needs a moist well drained soil of humus compost of neutral ph and does not tolerate wet soil in winter nor dry soil in summer but be aware it is susceptible to aphid infestations.

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