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propagating perennials: Arabis-Rock Cress
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Monday, May 5, 2008

Arabis-Rock Cress

Rock Cress is propagated by digging up the whole plant and then dividing the crown into however many pieces that have ample root systems to start the journey all over again, but it should be propagated in the fall or after it finishes blooming and the trim the plant back before transplanting. Since Rock Cress is one of the earliest blooming perennials it will compete with spring bulbs for color because it blooms with no evidence of leaves. The plants grow to a height of 6 inches and does well in full sun and rich humus dry soil and are used in garden beds to cascade over walls because of their spreading growth in a white or pink profuse carpet, the habit similar to creeping phlox and should be pruned back after flowering to ensure a good blooms the following year.

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