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propagating perennials: Astible-False Spirea
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Astible-False Spirea

Astible can be propagated in the spring by digging up the whole plant and dividing the clumps which should be done at least every 4 years because the older plants become woody and have a hard time absorbing water and will eventually die. Astible roots are shallow rooted so in northern climates its best to check to see if frost heave has exposed their roots and if so re-bury them. There are various varieties of Astible, the basic colors are white, pink, red, and purple there is also a purple leaved variety. Astible depending on the variety will bloom from June through to September and they will need a basic fertilizer application in the spring when their leaves start sprouting. This is the one plant that thrives in a part shade, plant in dense shade and it will lack blooms and plant away from competing tree roots, moist soil heavily composted with peat and manure and butterflies are attracted to it but deer ignore it. Dead blooms are used in dry flower arrangements. Depending on the variety Astible will grow from the basic 12 inches to 4 feet and it will mix well with Hosta which might keep the deer away.

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