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propagating perennials: Nepeta cataria-Catnip, Catmint
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Friday, May 9, 2008

Nepeta cataria-Catnip, Catmint

Catnip or Catmint is another perennial that can be propagated by division in April/spring, by digging up the whole plant, the stems tend to become woody so cutting back after flowering because, plants can reach a height of 3' so it becomes bushier, give the cuttings to a cat to watch their antics, and propagate by splitting the clumps, saving multiple stems with each transplant, but cuttings can also be taken in June/July which should be allowed to root in a shady location and well misted. Catnip likes an alkaline well drained sandy type soil in full sun or partial and blooms, mid to late summer, vary depending upon variety from white to lilac and should be pruned before flowering or it has a tendency to become invasive unless you want the transplants and although cats love the plants, deer stay away.

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