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propagating perennials: Amsonia ciliata var. filifolia 'Georgia Pancake'-Creeping Blue Star
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Amsonia ciliata var. filifolia 'Georgia Pancake'-Creeping Blue Star

A unusual perennial, Creeping Blue Star, can be propagated by cuttings, if you want to live dangerously, in early summer, and this method is the best or if you can find seeds. Propagating by division is not practical because the woody rootstocks are nearly impossible to cut, but if you want to try, late fall is when you divide, but if you are lucky and have good soil Blue Star is inclined to self seed. Prune in late winter or early spring and it is a good groundcover to edge your garden beds or rock gardens and butterflies are attracted to the bluish blooms on 12" stems in May. It grows up to 5"but will spread up to 2' in full sun to partial shade and prefers a moist loamy soil.

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