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propagating perennials: Stemodia tomentosa-Woolly Stemodia
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Monday, October 13, 2008

Stemodia tomentosa-Woolly Stemodia

Propagating Stemodia or Woolly Stemodia is done in the fall because like Periwinkle it sends out stems whose nodes root when they touch the soil, if the soil is to its liking, so just prune off a stem that has rooted and transplant. It is a native of Texas so it is a warm climate perennial which might winter over in Zone 7. Its silver grey foliage is similar to Lamb’s Ear and flowers from April through to frost, with a purple bloom. It is a groundcover that may reach 6" in height but it is not tolerant of foot traffic however it is deer resistant. It flourishes in full sun in a well draining soil and is great for erosion control and is deciduous.

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