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propagating perennials: Physostegia-Obedient Plant, False Dragonhead
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Physostegia-Obedient Plant, False Dragonhead

Propagating Physostegia or Obedient Plant is done in the spring by digging up the clump and separating the crown and roots into transplantable seedlings which should be done every two years. This is an aggressive grower so do not apply fertilize nor plant in a moist location. Its flowers resemble small snapdragons which bloom from July through September and deadheading will prolong the blooming period. Blooms are shades of pink, purple and white. Obedient Plants prefers an acidic soil in full sun, and it is called obedient because its stems can be turned and will remain turned, but it does not like humidity. Obedient Plants attract butterflies and hummingbirds but not deer, are deciduous and can range in height from 2'-4'.

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