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propagating perennials: Pardancanda-Candy Lily
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pardancanda-Candy Lily

Propagating Pardancanda or Candy Lily can be done in the spring, they are in the Iris family with Iris like leaves, by dividing the rhizomes. Candy Lily prefers a well draining sandy soil in either full sun or mostly sun, will reach a height of 3', and will tolerate drought. It is an evergreen like Iris, and blooms can last upwards of 3 weeks, from July to frost, and colors run from yellow, red, salmon, pink and white, with polka dots and stripes and is a cross between Blackberry Lily and Iris, but smaller blooms than the former. Differing opinions as to deer resistant or not, I guess depending on how much food is available to the browsers, which reminds me, I was at my lot planting bulbs and woody plants over the weekend and noticed a deer nonchalantly crossing the road above my property. I know they like grape hyacinths. Guess I’ll eventually find out how much of a nuisance they will become.

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