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propagating perennials: Persicaria-Fleece Flower
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Persicaria-Fleece Flower

Propagating Persicaria or Fleece Flower, for some varieties, can be divided either in the spring or fall by transplanting the rooted rhizomes. Without rhizomes, dig up the clump and separate the crown. It’s in the Buckwheat family. There are some varieties that are liked more because of their variegated leaves, similar colorful markings to the Chameleon plant, one is “Red Dragon” which flowers white and is insignificant, except to butterflies and hummers,, and prefers a moist well draining soil in either full sun or partial shade, especially in hot summers. Some suggest Fleece Flower for colorful plantings for hard areas under trees, however the height varies between varieties, which can range from 15" to 48". Fleece Flower is deer resistant, can become invasive, is deciduous, blooms are either white, pink or red, and flowers from May through September.

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