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propagating perennials: Prunella-Self Heal, Heal All
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Prunella-Self Heal, Heal All

Propagating Prunella or Self Heal can be done either in the spring or fall by dividing the clumps or by digging up rooted stolons then transplanting. Prunella is a herb in the mint family and was used in Europe to impede bleeding in military settings and can be a vigorous spreader if not contained or allowed to go to seed. It is short in height, up to 12", and blooms in June and its colors are white, pink, or violet. Some varieties may have barbs or thorns so be careful. It will not take summer dry conditions so it needs water in a well draining soil in full sun to mostly shady areas. It is evergreen and deer resistant.

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