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propagating perennials: Primula-Primrose
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Primroses can be propagated by division and should be done after they finish blooming which is mid to late spring. Primroses brighten up any shady corner of your garden bed because their flower spikes range in color from yellow, red, pink and blue and blooms last a couple of weeks, and prefer slightly acidic soil but well drained which needs deep composting. Primrose plants are clusters of green and are small in comparison to daylilies but can be propagated just as easily, just dig up the seedlings growing next to the parent, but they cannot tolerate dry conditions. I use what they call a “sharpshooter,” to transplant, used in the irrigation industry to dig trenches, even though it has a short handle because its small face navigates around perennials perfectly. Mature height depending on variety can range from 6" to 30" of which the 6" is the most common sold and prefers colder climates because it induces flower growth.


J said...

This is the year I want to acquire some primroses, too. Your blog is giving me all sorts of ideas. Thanks, bullthistle.

bullthistle said...

You are welcome!

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