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propagating perennials: Forxglove or Digitalis
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Monday, April 21, 2008

Forxglove or Digitalis

Foxglove or Digitalis Purpurea, is the most common sold, cannot be propagated by division because they are considered a biennial, similar to Columbine, that will bloom the second or third year then generally die, however they will self seed so at times they are considered a herbaceous perennial. It is advised not to plant them in an area where children will be playing because if eaten the plant will kill, they are extremely poisonous. The plant blooms can reach up to 5 feet, they don’t need to be staked, and range in color from white to purple and their flowers attract hummingbirds and honey bees and bloom from April until June. The seeds can be sown in the late spring in a well drained, acidic soil, rich in humus, in partial shade.

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