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propagating perennials: Ajuga-Bugleweed
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Monday, April 7, 2008


Propagating Ajuga is one of the easiest plants to reproduce because they spread by stolons which root into the surrounding areas when fertile soil is available and form clumps. They can be propagated almost anytime of the year as long as the transplants are watered thoroughly. When I transplant I always put transplants into one gallon containers that way I know they will be watered then transplant back to the garden bed for the next growing season. They thrive best in fertile moist soils and can be planted in light shade to sun and can stand moderate dry conditions, but because they can be perceived as invasive it’s why many people use them in rock gardens or interspersed between the flagstone walkways, but not alongside grass, they got the nickname Bugleweed for a reason. They are semi-evergreen with shiny foliage ranging from bronze to green and although their flower heads can be inconspicuous in smaller planting’s in the garden bed, their color range is from blue, dominate, to white, pink, or lavender, blooming from late spring to early summer.


Nancy J. Bond said...

It's a very beautiful flower!

bullthistle said...

Is your ground still frozen in NS?

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