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propagating perennials: Dianthus-"Pinks"/"Cottage Pinks"
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Friday, April 11, 2008

Dianthus-"Pinks"/"Cottage Pinks"

Dianthus or Pinks can be propagated by division, every 2-3 years, by digging up the whole plant, sometimes we must work, and separate the clump by gently pulling the roots apart, preferably late in the day and then pot or replant in the garden bed, watering throughly. If you like to live dangerously they can also be propagated by softwood stem cuttings in spring or early summer and plant in a mix of sand and perlite sitting in a saucer of water. Pinks thrive in fertile(compost), fast draining and slightly alkaline soil in partial sun, 4-5 hours. Over-watering turns the foliage yellow. Unlike most of the plants in garden beds Pinks should not be mulched, they require good air circulation around the stems and do not like foliar moisture and are susceptible to stem rot. Their colors range from white, to pink, to red, to cream and mixes in between and are a perennial and depending on the zone they are either semi-evergreen or evergreen and will attract butterflies and can be used as cut flowers. There blooms can last to fall, if the plants are deadheaded after blooming. They are also fragrant. The majority of varieties sold today reach a height in range from 10"-20". They are a good addition to a rock garden or used as an edging plant.

1 comment:

Nancy J. Bond said...

Such beautiful color! Very pretty.

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